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PKN Orlen S.A. - Partner of the Oil-Gas-Chemistry 2021

The ORLEN Group is one of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of revenues according to the CEE TOP 500 report published by Coface. In accordance with the new, long-term Strategy of the ORLEN Group adopted in November 2020, the key goal of the Company is to be a regional leader in the field of energy transformation, to build new energy capacities from renewable sources and to implement the decarbonisation process, while maintaining operational efficiency and financial strength in traditional segments activities.

The ORLEN Group, aware of the existing market trends, is consistently diversifying its activities towards a multi-energy concern, one element of which was the effective acquisition of the Energa Group in 2020, one of the largest producers and electricity suppliers in Poland, and continuation of work on other acquisition targets (PGNiG, Grupa LOTOS).

The core business of the ORLEN Group is the production and distribution of electricity, crude oil processing and production of fuels, petrochemicals and chemicals, as well as the sale of the Group's products on the retail and wholesale markets. The ORLEN Group also conducts exploration, recognition and production of hydrocarbons. The ORLEN Group is also one of the largest electricity distributors in Poland with a 191 thousand. km covering about 1/4 of the country's territory. At the end of 2020, the ORLEN Group was managing 2 855 petrol stations. In 2020, PKN ORLEN took over the RUCH company. Based on a nationwide network 1 209 RUCH outlets, the Company will extend the range of shops and catering services beyond petrol stations. At the end of 2020, 114 electric car charging stations operated in the ORLEN Group's network.

The activities of the ORLEN Group companies also include service activities: crude oil storage and fuel, transport, service and repair, laboratory, security, design, administrative, insurance and financial services.

A significant part of the fuel produced by the ORLEN Group is sold through the ORLEN Group's own retail network, which has the largest network of fuel stations in Central Europe, located in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. The retail network of the ORLEN Group is supported by a wholesale and logistic infrastructure consisting of above-ground and underground storage tanks and a network of long-distance pipelines.

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