Leszek Wieciech
The President-Director General the Polish Oil Industry and Trade Organization (POPiHN)

An expert on fuels, public relations and CSR.
He joined the Polish Oil Industry and Trade Organization (POPiHN), an employer organization whose members are leading companies from the liquid fuel and lubricant sector, in 2009 as its Director General, and has been the President-Director General since 2013.
He has been responsible for the implementation of a number of lobbying activities, such as fighting against the grey economy, reducing interchange fees and developing non-cash settlements in Poland, introducing self-service in filling up with LPG, changing the regulations on supervision over loading/unloading equipment etc. He represents the POPiHN in the work of FuelsEurope - the European Petroleum Refiners Association.
One of the pioneers of corporate social responsibility (CSR) education in Poland, he co-authored the Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland report (UNDP 2007). He is a founding member of the Road Safety Partnership association.
A member of the award committee of the Order of the Smile.

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