Michał Topolski
Business Development Manager Hardware & IoT. Lerta Husar Labs Ltd.

Graduated from the Poznan University of Technology with a diploma in the field of robotics. Currently, he is finishing his doctorate, conducting a dissertation research project concerning soft robotics and machine learning.
Michał's work experience covers, among others, the design of electronic devices for production quality assurance, design and construction of flight simulators, solar inverters and other devices for various startup companies. He has experience in management, being responsible for the production branch in a photovoltaics company and business development as member of the board in the same company. Throughout his career, Michał has had also the opportunity to make use of his research skills by participating in various devices' certification processes and by taking part in an R&D project PLN 1 million worth. He is also an author of several articles on robotics.
l renewables,
l hardware,
l smart metering,
l blockchain in energy.

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