Daria Olender
European Association for Security

Ph.D. in the field of social issues in the discipline of safety (National Defense University - 2015), graduate of postgraduate studies in forensics (University of Wroclaw - 2008), problems of combating organized crime and terrorism (University of Warsaw - 2009), law of evidence (Jagiellonian University - 2010); member of the European Association for Security; public officer, university lecturer. She completed courses, among others in the field of forensic science, civil defense, crisis management and anti-piracy training with exercises on the citadel simulator 'Anti-piracy awareness course + citadel drill', (Maritime Safety & Security - 2013). Scientific interests oscillate around the issues of broadly understood security, criminalistics, criminology, and maritime piracy and terrorism. Author of monographs Preventing and combating maritime piracy (Difin, 2017) and Maritime Terrorism - counteracting and combating (ASzWoj, 2018).

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